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Balance Muay Thai – Faith, Fitness Focus

The number one question we are ever asked by new people to our gym is “Why Balance?”

It’s an interesting name for a Muay Thai Gym, but we found the name to be appropriate as it really states the intention of our gym, and the philosophy of our training.

We believe that the best way to move forward in life, to enjoy life is to ensure that everything in your life is in BALANCE.

In today’s fast paced world often we find things are our of Balance. We’re working too much, we’re eating too much, we’re drinking too much. No matter what it is, we are certain that if you honestly you assess your life, you’ll find something is not in BALANCE.

Our goal here at Balance Muay Thai is through the discipline of training that you learn how to ensure you have Balance in your life. We want to help guide you through Muay Thai, MMA or BJJ at your desire with the end goal of helping you to achieve Balance in your life.

If you truly understand Muay Thai, and the Thai Philosophy of fighting, you’ll realize that it’s more than just punching, kicking and fighting, Muay Thai is a discipline. It’s a way of life.

Let the team here at Balance Muay Thai help you achieve that Balance in your life.

Phone Number
+66 99 092 6962

Train Alongside Champions In A Fun, Friendly Environment.

Modern Equipment

Our gym is equipped with 2 rings, fitness centre, onsite accommodation and specialist training equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Champion Coaches

Our team of experienced coaches have competed at the highest levels in their chosen discipline. Many of our team are current or past champions.

Introduce Some Balance

We believe that through dedicated training you can introduce balance and peace into your life here at Balance Muay Thai.